Europe's Scenic Rivers
FRC-408616/384413 Rhine/Danube
24 Nights
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Day 1
Dusseldorf, Germany

Embark the vessel from 10 am and get settled into your cabin. This vening enjoy a specially prepared Welcome Dinner and get to know your fellow passengers.

The vessel departs Dusseldorf at 11pm for cologne.

Day 2
Cologne, Germany

Explore Cologne with our 'City Walk of Cologne' excursion and visit the world famous Cathedral.

Day 3
Cochem, Germany - Koblenz, Germany

After arriving into Cochem this morning, you can disembark the vessel for an excursion the the Reichsburg with a City walk & wine-tasting. We will depart Cochem this afteroon, enabling you to enjoy some scenic cruising through the Lower Moselle Valley.

The vessel will arrive into Koblenz at 8pm this evening where it will stay overnight.

Day 4
Koblenz, Germany

This morning you can take an optional City Walk excursion of Koblenz and explore the imposing fortress of Castle Ehrenbreitstein. The vessek will depart Koblenz this afternoon, as we take in the sights of the UNESCO Heritage Middle Rhine Valley with some scenic cruising.



Day 5
Miltenberg, Germany

Before we arrive into Miltenberg this afternoon you will have the opportunity to view Seligenstadt & Aschaffenburg as we sail past.

This afternoon, take a city walk of Miltenberg.

Day 6
Wurzburg, Germany

This monring you can relax and enjoy some scenic cruising as we traverse the Middle Main Quadrangle before arriving into Wurzburg this afteroon.

This afternoon's excursion consists of a Residence by bus & wine tasting.

Day 7
Bamberg, Germany

This morning will be spent cruising past small towns and the Hassberge mountains.

After arriving into Bamberg this afternoon you can disembark the ship and explore the city as your leisure or take part in our optional CityTour of Bamberg excursion.

Day 8
Nuremberg, Germany

We arrive into Nuremburg early this morning. After breakfast, guests staying on board can take part in a city tour by bus and visit the Dokumentation Center Museum.

Those leaving the river cruise here will disembark after breakfast.

Day 9
Regensburg, Germany

After lunch, you can choose to talk a city walk through Regensburg excusrion or visit the lavish Palace of Thurn und Taxis.

The vessel will leave Regensburg this evening and sail over night to Passau.

Day 10
Passau, Germany - Linz, Austria

This morning you can choose to take a city walk of Passau before rejoing the vessel for some scenic cruising through Schlögener Schlinge as we sail on to Linz.

Alternatively you can choose to take a full day excursion to Salzburg or Czesky Krumlov and rejoin the vessel via transfer to Linz.

This afternoon there is an optional 'City Walk' tour of Linz available.

Day 11
Melk, Austria - Durnstein, Austria

We arrive into Melk early this morning, where you can disembark straight after breakfast for an excursion to Melk Abbey.

Back on board, as you enjoy lunch in the restaurant, you can view the scenic Wachau Valley with its wine towns and terraces, as we sail from Melk to Durnstein.

Once we arrive into Durnstein this afternoon you can take an option shore excursion of a city walk of Durnstein with a wine tasting.

Day 12
Vienna, Austria

We arrive overnight into the capital of Vienna. This morning why not take a tour of Austria's most famous city, and discover the history and culture shaped by residents such as Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud.

This afternoon our shore excursion is a visit to the beautiful Schönbrunn Palace.

This evening you have the opportunity to experience a concert at Kursalon in Vienna city centre.

Day 13
Bratislava, Slovakia

We sail into the Slovak capital of Bratislava this morning, where you can take part in a city tour. This afternoon there is also an optional excursion to the The Imperial Festival Castle Hof.

Day 14
Budapest, Hungary

After sailing overnight from Braitslava, this morning we cruise into heart of Hunagry and the capital of Budapest. Here you can take a morning city tour and discover the numerous contemporary galleries and museums reflecting the artistic history of Hungary.

This evening enjoy a special Folklore Show & Illumination Cruise.

The vessel will stay in Budapest overnight.

Day 17
Kalocsa, Hungary - Mohacs, Hungary

Today we sail into the town of Kalocsa, where guests can take part in a Puszta Tour.

This afternoon we continue sailing along the Danube River into the town of Mohacs, including passing through border control.


Day 18
Belgrade, Serbia

Once we arrive into Belgrade you can take a morning city tour of the Serbian capital.

This afternoon you will have the opportunity to take an excursion to the town in Topola for the afternoon.

This evening enjoy a Skardalija & Folklore event.

Day 19
Belgrade, Serbia - Iron Gate, Romania

We leave Belgrade in the early hours of the morning for a full day of scenic sailing to Vidin.

Enjoy the sights as we pass the Cataracts & Gorges of Iron Gate and Barrage.

Day 20
Vidin, Bulgaria

We arrive into the Bulgarian port town of Vidin in the early hours of the morning. After breakfast, guests can choose to take excursion to the town of Belogradschik.

This afternoon you can take a tour of Vidin and visit the fortress of Baba Vida, the town's most famous landmark and one of the oldest and best-preserved castles in southeastern Europe.

Day 21
Russe, Bulgaria

Arriving into Russe this morning you will have the choice of shore excursion. You can either take a city tour of Rousse including a visit to the Ivanovo cave monastery OR take a full day excursion to Veliko Tarnowo Or Fulday including Lunch and a visit to the village of Arbanassi.

Day 22
Russe, Bulgaria - Giurgiu, Romania - Oltenitza, Romania

Today passengers can choose to disembark the vessel this morning for a full day excursion to Bucharest, or stay on board to enjoy morning scenery of the lower Danube flood plains, forests and islands as we sail from Rousse to Giurgiu and then onto Oltenita.

Day 23
Danube Delta, Romania - St Gheorghe, Romania

This morning we cruise through the Danube Delta and out into the Black Sea where the vessel will turnaround for our journey onto St. Gheorghe.

At the danube Delta you can choose to take a small boat cruise and Delta Safari in the Nature Reserve.

Day 24
Hirsova, Romania

Disembarkation after breakfast.