Eastern European Danube Discovery
FRC-403926/384629 Rhine/Danube
10 Nights
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Day 1
Budapest, Hungary

Embarkation late afternoon.

Day 3
Kalocsa, Hungary

Today we sail into the town of Kalocsa, where guests can admire Hungarian horses and traditional costumes during a show within the Puszta Plains.

Day 4
Belgrade, Serbia

Once we arrive into Belgrade you can take a city tour of Belgrade’s historic monuments and museums

Day 5
Iron Gate, Romania

Today is spent on board at your lesure as take in some scenic cruising through the world famous Iron Gates.

Day 6
Vidin, Bulgaria

We arrive into the Bulgarian port town of Vidin in the early hours of the morning. After breakfast, guests can take a visit to Baba Vida Fortress.

Day 7
Russe, Bulgaria

This morning we arrive into the city of Rousee, known as ‘little Vienna’ due to its extravagant architecture and elegant squares.

Day 8
Bucharest, Romania

Today passengers can choose to disembark the vessel this morning for a full day excursion to Bucharest, or stay on board to enjoy morning scenery of the lower Danube flood plains, forests and islands.

Day 9
Danube Delta, Romania - St Gheorghe, Romania

This morning we cruise through the Danube Delta and guests can see the point where the Danube, which flows through 10 countries, finally completes its journey to the
Black Sea.

Arriving into St George, take a boat trip through the Danube Delta Safari Nature Reserve – a wildlife haven.

Day 10
Hirsova, Romania

Disembarkation at breakfast