Discover the Nile (Aswan to Luxor)
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What's Included

  • Accommodation as above mentioned
  • All Airport transfers as mentioned in the itinerary on private bases
  • Sightseeing as mentioned in the itinerary on private bases with English speaking Guide
  • Meals as mentioned in the itinerary including tea, coffee and mineral water

What's Not Included

  • Visa entry
  • Gratuities
  • Domestic flight CAI – ASW / LUXOR-CAIRO US$290
  • Abu Simbel Excursion US$289
  • Item of personal nature, phone calls, laundry ….etc.
  • Any other item not mentioned above
Day 1
Arrival at Cairo International Airport

Arrival: At Cairo International Airport on, where your Tour Coordinator will meet you after customs.


Transfer: Transfer to your Hotel


Overnight: At your hotel in Cairo.

Day 2

Memphis: Founded around 3,100 BC during the Old Kingdom, Memphis is the legendary city of Menes, the King who united Upper and Lower Egypt. According to tradition, he first created dikes to protect the area from Nile floods and then started building. Much of what we know of Memphis comes from its necropolis, texts and papyrus from other parts of Egypt, and Herodotus, who visited the city. Early on, Memphis was probably a fortress from which Menes controlled the land and water routes between Upper Egypt and the Delta. Later, this great city became the administrative and religious center of Egypt, was home to a cosmopolitan community and most likely one of the largest and most important cities in the ancient world.

Sakkara: Across the Great Court of the Pyramid Complex of Zoser in Sakkara, stands the Step Pyramid, the oldest known of Egypt’s 107 pyramids, which was built by Imhotep, one of the world’s most famous historical figures. This architect of the world’s first freestanding stone structure, which you will visit today with your Egyptologist, is often also recognized as the world's first doctor, as well as a priest, sage, poet, and astrologer. Although the original structure was a burial chamber 28 meters underground, Imhotep enlarged it several times to eventually reach a six tiered rectangle 60 meters high. Sakkara seems to have been the first area where limestone was employed, not only for the outer casing of the pyramid but also to cover interior walls.

Pyramids and Sphinx: The Great Pyramids of Giza are the only present-day survivors of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, built about 4500 years ago as giant tombs for the mummies of the pharaohs Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure, who were a father, son and grandson. (Cheops, Chephren and Mycerinus are the Greek forms of their names.) In the ancient Egyptian religion, the sides of the pyramids were likened to sun rays on which the Pharaoh ascended to heaven. The pyramids are truly monumental in scale, with the largest, Khufu's, made of over 2 million blocks. The pyramids were not built by slaves but by Egyptian peasants who paid their taxes to the Pharaoh through this labor, and were fed, clothed and housed by him.

Nearby sits the enigmatic Sphinx with the body of a lion and the face of a man wearing a royal head cloth, which workers may have based on King Khafre to guard his enormous funerary monument. About a thousand years after the Sphinx was built it was covered in sand until a young prince had a dream in which the Sphinx told him that if he cleared the sand away, he would become Pharaoh. This story is told on the "Dream Stela" that was placed between the Sphinx's paws by King Tuthmose IV.

Day 3
Cairo, Egypt

Egyptian Museum: You'll tour 7,000 years of history at this museum which houses the largest collection of ancient Egyptian art in the world. Don't miss the treasures of the boy-king Tutankhamun, including his gold mask, the solid gold sarcophagus that held his mummy, and his beautiful throne.

Citadel: Perched high on limestone hills above Cairo, the Citadel is a medieval fortress built by Salah El Din (Saladin) in 1176 to protect the city from Crusaders. The Citadel has always had a military use, and was expanded over the centuries by Egypt's rulers who often resided there. Today, the Citadel complex has mosques and museums, including the National Military Museum.

Mosque of Sultan Hassan: With its grand, soaring architecture and rich decoration, the Mosque of Sultan Hassan, completed in 1363, is one of the finest in Egypt. In recesses around its open courtyard, each of the four schools of Sunni Islam was taught to students, and in its mausoleum, Sultan Hassan's sons are buried.

Khan El Khalili: The fascinating Khan El-Khalili Bazaar is reputed to be the largest bazaar in the Middle East. Originally founded as a watering stop for caravanserai in the 14th century, the bazaar has now grown to vast proportions.  As one wanders through the labyrinth of narrow streets you will find workshops and stalls selling all manner of things from woodwork, glassware and leather goods to perfumes, fabrics and Pharaonic curiosities.

Day 4

Transfer: Your Tour Coordinator will escort you to Cairo International Airport by air-conditioned Vehicle to board your flight to Aswan

Board the 5-star deluxe Nile cruise boat, Sanctuary Sun Boat IV, moored in a private dock in Aswan, where you will be welcomed by the reception staff. Lunch will be served on board. This afternoon you will have the chance to take a ride on a felucca (a typical Egyptian sail boat) around Elephantine Island, Lord Kitchener’s Botanical Gardens, and the Agha Khan Mausoleum (weather permitting, life jackets will be provided). Enjoy afternoon tea served in the lounge. Tonight, you will be greeted by your Boat Manager as you enjoy a selection of canapés with some complimentary Egyptian wine and local beer. A gourmet dinner will be served on board.


** Optional: Abu Simbel Excursion by flight.** Abu Simbel temples built by the Great Ramses II, Egypt’s longest ruling pharaoh, it is one of the most recognizable images in the country. Actually two temples, namely the Great Temple of Ra-Harakhte, fronted by the four colossal statues of Ramses II and the Temple of Hathor, dedicated to Ramses’ favourite wife Queen Nefertari, they were moved to their current location when the creation of Lake Nasser threatened their existence.

Day 5
Kom Ombo – Edfu

A breakfast buffet will be served on board, followed by a short motorboat ride to visit the romantic and majestic Philae Temple on the Island of Agilika. This will be followed by a visit to the Granite Quarries, which supplied the ancient Egyptians with most of the hard stone used in pyramids and temples, and still hold a huge unfinished obelisk. Later, an Egyptian cooking lesson will be presented on board. Enjoy lunch, while you cruise to Kom Ombo and visit the magnificent Temple of Kom Ombo - dedicated to the crocodile-god Sobek. Afternoon tea will be served while you cruise to Efu. Tonight will be an “Egyptian Night” costume party for all guests, with a chance to dress up in traditional Egyptian “galabeyya”. Dinner will be a lavish buffet of Egyptian specialties, followed by oriental music and dancing for everyone

Day 6

A breakfast buffet will be served on board. This morning, explore the extraordinary Temple of Horus. Once you return to the boat, continue to enjoy your cruise onward to Esna, while enjoying your lunch. This afternoon, your Egyptologist will guide you round the Greco-Roman Temple of Khnum at Esna. The beautifully preserved Great Hypostyle Hall was built during the reign of the Roman Emperor Claudius; it was excavated from the silt that had accumulated through centuries of annual Nile floods and is about nine meters below present-day street level. Afternoon tea will be served while you sail to Luxor. Tonight, a delicious dinner is served on board.

Day 8
Luxor - Cairo

Breakfast buffet on board cruise and check out at 8:00 AM.

Transfer From Cruise to Luxor airport

Transfer from Cairo airport to hotel

Free at Leisure.

Day 9

Transfer from Cairo hotel to Cairo airport.

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