Mid-Atlantic Inland Passage
FRC-846382/167658 East US/Canada
8 Nights
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Day 1
Baltimore, USA, Maryland

Situated in the Mid-Atlantic state of Maryland is the impressive city of Baltimore, which offers an insight into African American culture. Head to the city’s harbour, where you will enjoy an unparalleled experience consisting of live jazz music, a variety of museums and attractions, and a plethora of shops.

Day 2
Norfolk, USA, Virginia

Located in the state of Virginia is the historic naval city of Norfolk, which is home to the world’s largest naval base. Aside from its military roots, Norfolk also offers a wealth of culture in the world many fascinating museums, and performing arts such as opera, symphony and ballet.

Day 3
Kitty Hawk, USA, N Carolina

Situated on the banks of North Carolina is the town of Kitty Hawk, which is made up of a village community which has existed for many generations. There is also a beach area, with many modern residential cottages and a woodland area, which is home to a variety of plant and animal life.

Day 5
Morehead City, USA, N Carolina

As the largest town of the Crystal Coast region of Carteret County, North Carolina, Morehead City is situated on the opposite shore of the Bogue Sound. A walk along the Morehead waterfront offers a pleasant experience and is where the fishing boats come to dock. The town is renowned for its market produce, with a fish market and the oldest continuously-running curb market in North Carolina.

Day 6
Wilmington, USA, N Carolina

The city of Wilmington is located in North Carolina and is famous for its collection of beaches and historic plantations. It is also home to a number of architectural wonders including Bellamy Manion, which was built in 1859 and is a fine example of the antebellum style. Wilmington is also home to the Airlie Gardens, which is made up of 67 acres of flora and freshwater lakes.

Day 7
Myrtle Beach, USA, N Carolina

Myrtle Beach is a renowned beach destination on the South Atlantic Coast of South Carolina. The beach here makes for a popular tourist destination and with warm waters and powder sands, it’s easy to see why. The area is also home to a cluster of bars, shops, a movie theatre, and an aquarium.

Day 8
Charleston (SC), USA, South Carolina

The seaport city of Charleston is situated in the state of South Carolina. It features a historic downtown, which is located on the peninsula formed by the Ashley and Cooper Rivers. Although Charleston was captured during the Civil War, many of the city’s buildings have remained standing for hundreds of years. There are many historic buildings worth visiting here including many historic town buildings and places of worship.