The Ease and Convenience of Travelling by Rail

Product Executive, Hannah Logan, recently experienced the joys of reaching a river ship in Europe via rail. After seeing just how easy this form of travel is, she is ready to recommend it to other river cruisers...

Eurostar first made it easy to travel from the UK to the heart of Europe by rail over twenty years ago.  In all of that time, I was yet to choose it as a method of transport until this year.

St. Pancras International was my point of departure as I headed to the European political centre of Brussels.  With tickets in hand, we made our way to passport control where items were scanned with ease and efficiency.  We were then in the departure lounge awaiting the gate number.  This was an incredibly simple process that left us surrounded by a handful of shops and eateries to purchase something to eat and drink.  Other departure points from the UK include Ebbsfleet and Ashford International.


During the journey, I was amazed that we reached staggering speeds of 300 kilometres per hour (186mph).  Scenery passed by whilst we sat in the comfort of our coach and within two hours we arrived in Brussels ready to proceed with our onward travel to the Belgian city of Mechelen.

We have noticed that, due to a number of factors, rail travel from the UK has increased year-on-year.  Having used this service first-hand, I am certainly looking to incorporate rail into my future travel plans, especially when choosing European city breaks.

River cruising in Europe offers plenty of opportunity for rail and sail holidays.  If you’re considering sailing along the beautiful Seine, a faster rail link has been introduced in 2017 which makes travelling to the Bordeaux region much quicker and provides picturesque scenery to pass you by.  The Rhone and Saone rivers are easily accessible by rail too and it’s a great way to start your holiday and avoid the hassle of the airports.

Some river cruise itineraries will also have options to sail the Rhine and Danube, where you could easily overnight en route and break the rail journey by staying in one of Europe’s bright and vibrant cities.

Benefits of travelling by rail:

  • Arrive in the heart of a destination by effortlessly travelling from one city centre to another
  • There’s no need to arrive early. Check-in takes place just 30 minutes before departure and just 10 minutes for those travelling in Business Premier.
  • Large baggage allowances at no extra cost. Each passenger is allowed two large bags/suitcases and one piece of hand luggage.
  • As bags are kept with you on board, there is no need to wait for them at the other end.
  • Spacious seating areas and tray tables help you work or relax.


Rail can only be booked three months prior to departure. Call us on 0808 163 5352 for more information.

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