Take Our Quiz And We’ll Tell You Which European River Cruise You Should Take

Although both Asian river cruises and itineraries on the Mississippi are growing in popularity, Europe remains the most loved river cruise region for British cruisers. However, with so many great destinations to visit and so many rivers to choose from, how do you decide which itinerary you should take? Don’t fret, though, as our simple quiz will be able to tell you exactly which region of Europe is perfect for your next river cruise holiday.

How would you like to travel and how far would you prefer to go?

Ferry In English Channel   St Pancras   Plane    

A) Just over an hour’s flight with the option to take a ferry.

B) Just over an hour’s flight with direct Eurostar connections available too.

C) One and a half to two hour’s flight is fine.

D) Just over two hour’s flight time.

E) A two and a half hour flight is not a problem.

Which of these would you enjoy visiting the most?

Dutch Windmill Normandy Beaches Rheinstein Castle Port Wine Cellar Bratislava

A) Beautiful windmills and charming maritime towns.

B) Historic beaches and fantastic art galleries.

C) Dramatic castles and iconic cathedrals.

D) Welcoming wine estates and UNESCO city centres.

E) Cultural capital cities and royal palaces.

Which meal would you choose from this menu?

Moules Frites Sole Meuniere Sauerbraten Portuguese Caldeirada Vienna Apple Strudel

A) Mussels and chips, followed by waffles topped with decadent chocolate sauce.

B) Fillet of sole in a parsley and lemon sauce, followed by a delicate crème brûlée.

C) Slow-roasted beef with dumplings and red cabbage, followed by black forest gateau.

D) Fresh seafood stew, followed by a trio of egg custard tarts.

E) Chunky beef and vegetable soup with paprika, followed by warm apple strudel.

And what would you choose to wash it all down with?

Dutch Gin  Calvados  Riesling Wine  Port Wine  Red Wine

A) A refreshing gin and tonic.

B) A glass of Calvados.

C) A light, crisp Riesling.

D) A robust glass of port.

E) A fruity Pinot Noir.

If you had a time machine, which period would you travel back to?

1800s Car 18th Century French Clothing Medieval ArmourMedieval Armour Monument to the Discoveries 17th Century Couple

A) The 1800s

B) The 1700s

C) The Medieval period.

D) The 1400s

E) The 1600s

You’ve booked a balcony stateroom on your river cruise, what would you prefer to see floating by?

Tulip Field  Chateau Gaillard  Lorelei Rock  Douro Vineyards  Rock Sculpture Decebalus

A) Tulip fields in a rainbow of colours.

B) Beautiful chateaux and peaceful countryside.

C) Gothic buildings and impressive gorges.

D) Vineyards and rolling hills.

E) Imposing rock sculptures and intricate bridges.


Mostly As:

The Belgian and Dutch Waterways

Your love for sweeping tulip fields and pretty windmills makes this the perfect choice for you. You’ll visit charming maritime towns and villages that could have been removed straight from a fairytale and there will be plenty of delicious waffles topped with Belgian chocolate sauce to enjoy. Travelling back to the 19th century would allow you to observe the great Vincent Van Gogh in action, so you’re bound to enjoy wandering around Amsterdam’s museums. So, raise a glass of Dutch gin to your Belgian and Dutch waterways cruise.

Mostly Bs:

The River Seine

It sounds like you love visiting resplendent chateaux and that’s something you will definitely get to do on a Seine River Cruise. You will also get the chance to discover the history of the Normandy beaches and wander the halls of Paris’s famous museums, something that would clearly appeal to you. Sole meunière, duck a l’orange, crème brûlée and many other typical French dishes could be on the menu and a stop in Le Havre will take you to the heart of the Calvados region. Your choice to travel back to the 18th century shows your love for the elaborate fashion and elegant soirees that took place around the time of the French Revolution, so France is the perfect choice.

Mostly Cs:

The River Rhine

Anyone that wants to visit historic castles and sip some fantastic wine will enjoy a Rhine River cruise. Towns like Rüdesheim will offer the chance to sample those crisp Rieslings you love and there will be plenty of hearty Rhineland cuisine on the menu to accompany it. The stunning Rhine Gorge and Cologne’s famous cathedral will glide past your window and you will feel like you have got your time machine wish as you visit medieval towns like Cochem and Mainz.

Mostly Ds:

The River Douro

There’s no doubt that your thirst for a glass of full-bodied port will be quenched on a Douro river cruise, but Portugal’s river has much more to offer too. The sweeping panoramas of lush countryside are sure to delight you as you float along and your desire to visit UNESCO city centres can be fulfilled in both Porto and Salamanca. Beautiful weather is almost guaranteed and there will be plenty of that seafood you enjoy so much. We’re sure you knew Portugal was your ideal match, though. Why else would you choose to travel back to the height of the Portuguese Empire, when explorers like Bartolomeu Dias and Vasco da Gama we off discovering the world? More of this maritime history can be unearthed during your time on the Douro.

Mostly Es:

The River Danube

So you love learning about the culture of capital cities, visiting royal palaces and sampling some heart-warming cooking? There really is no better choice than a Danube river cruise. The Danube travels through no less than four capital cities (Budapest, Bratislava, Belgrade and Vienna), each of which has its own unique feel. Vienna is home to many resplendent palaces where 17th-century Hapsburg monarchs once lived and the city will serve up that apple strudel you are craving. As for the bridges, there’s the famous Stone Bridge of Regensburg and various iconic structures that straddle the river in the Hungarian capital. What’s more, if you sail the lower Danube, the view from your balcony may well include the extraordinary Statue of Decebalus which is carved into the rock along the Romania/Serbia border.

So, do you agree with our match? Are you eager to discover the river we’ve suggested? Call us for free on 0808 115 5933 to discuss our options in more detail or to book our recommendation. Feel free to share this quiz on social media so that friends can also discover which river cruise would be perfect for them.

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