Highlights of the Majestic Yangtze River

A Yangtze River cruise will usually be a feature of a larger tour of China, with pre- and post-cruise tours taking in all the highlights of this magical country including; Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. Along the way, you will experience traditional Chinese customs and cuisine, and be able to enjoy the great contrasts of both traditional and modern China.


Wendy Wu’s ‘Majestic Yangtze’ itinerary starts in Shanghai, where you can spend your first few days taking in this bustling metropolis. Shanghai is a city of contrasts with both gleaming skyscrapers and ancient temples. Highlights include the tranquil Yu Gardens, the traditional Old Town and the Silk Museum where you can see silk worms busily producing this beautiful natural fabric.

Three Gorges

From Shanghai, you will travel to Yichang to embark upon the Yangtze River cruise section of your trip. Your next few nights are spent floating blissfully along the Yangtze. Here you can enjoy dramatic scenery, and breath-taking vistas as you travel upstream. The highlight is the famous Three Gorges Dam, the largest hydroelectric Dam in the world. The Yangtze River flows from Qinghai, through China and drains into the East China Sea at Shanghai. It is the longest river in Asia and the longest in the world to flow entirely within one country.

Panda Eating Bamboo

On Day 8 of your trip, you will disembark your river cruise vessel and transfer to Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan Province. The highlight of your stay in Chengdu is undoubtedly a visit to Chengdu’s World renowned Panda Conversation Centre. Here you can observe China’s most celebrated inhabitants and learn about the centre’s important breeding programme.

Terracotta Warriors

From Chengdu, you fly to the former imperial capital of Xian, home of the Terracotta Warriors. The Terracotta Army of China’s first Emperor Qin Shi Huang has intrigued visitors ever since it’s discovery in the 1970’s. After exploring the rest of charismatic Xian, you will fly to Beijing.

Great Wall of China

In Beijing, you will have the opportunity to visit the famed Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace and finally the iconic Great Wall of China. Immerse yourself in the spectacular culture and tradition of beautiful China. Taste the delicious cuisine and witness breath-taking displays of acrobatics and traditional dancing along your journey.

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