Do I Need A Balcony On My River Cruise?

Although there are no inside staterooms on river ships, there is still a choice when it comes to which type of accommodation you would like to stay in. Many people will consider opting for a balcony but some cruisers feel that this is an unnecessary extra which comes at a premium. So, what are the benefits of an outdoor space during your trip along the world’s waterways and is it really worth the upgrade?

Extended Floor Space

AmaCerto Twin Balcony

Space is always an important feature of any cruise ship stateroom, whether it is on an ocean or river ship. After all, if you are going to be spending the majority of 7 or 14 days in one room, it needs to be big enough for you to make it feel like home. Not only do balcony cabins usually have more indoor space than standard options, you also have the addition of an outdoor space in which to spread out.

Take Advantage Of The Weather

Emerald Panorama Balcony

Whilst good weather can never be guaranteed, a balcony cabin gives you the option to make the most of it when it does occur. Of course, you can take a seat in one of the public areas, but your own outside space will mean you always have a seat in exactly the position you want it. Some river cruise lines, such as Emerald Waterways, Scenic and Avalon Waterways, have even installed a new type of balcony that can be used in any kind of weather. At the push of the button, the external glass will slide sideways (Avalon) or downwards (Scenic and Emerald), effectively turning your entire stateroom into a balcony.

An Extra Dining Venue

Wine On The Balocny

River ships are not able to offer the plethora of dining venues that you often get aboard ocean vessels and so there are usually only a couple of places to choose from. Depending on the cruise line you are sailing with, you may have the chance to dine in your stateroom, giving you access to your own al fresco spot. This is a nice alternative to the main dining room in which you would otherwise eat most of your meals.

A Private Place To Relax

Champagne On the BalconyChampagne On The Balcony

River vessels provide comfortable seating areas, both inside and on the sun deck, in which you can relax during your cruise. However, early in the morning or after a full day of shore excursions, you may not feel like sitting in the public areas. In these instances, having your own private balcony will mean you can retire to your stateroom and continue to make the most of the passing scenery.

In many cases, the upgrade to a balcony stateroom is a small one in terms of cost. Therefore, with all the above benefits to look forward to, it may well be worth choosing this option. Call us today to learn more about the different balcony staterooms available.

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