5 Typically Russian Experiences To Enjoy With Volga Dream

When you choose to sail through Russia with Volga Dream, not only do you get to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of a luxurious, family-owned and operated ship, you also have the opportunity to enjoy some authentically Russian activities. As you sail between Moscow and St. Petersburg, there will plenty of time to take part in some of these unique experiences.

Learning Russian

Learn Russian

It’s always good to learn a bit of the local language when travelling abroad. This can help you out in sticky situations and also endear you to the people in the country you are visiting. Russian can sound quite a harsh vernacular from the outside, but the moment you start to get to grips with it, you will begin to appreciate its poetic nature. During your cruise, Russian natives will give you a beginner’s guide to the language.

Vodka Tasting


It may sound slightly cliché but Russians sure do like their vodka. And anyone who has just had a passing interest in the spirit could be forgiven for thinking that all vodka is the same. However, the tasting classes on board Volga Dream will show you that there are many different varieties out there, each with its own nuanced flavour and delicate aroma. You will also be shown a variety of ways that the Russian national drink can be served.

Matryoshka Painting

Russian Dolls

Matryoshka are the iconic Russian dolls which fit inside each other, getting progressively smaller as they do. Aside from being beautifully decorated and crafted, these figurines represent the fact that there is more to learn about Russian culture when you look deeper inside. And learning is exactly what you will do, as you are shown the intricacies of painting Matryoshka and the techniques used to make them look so striking.

Russian Dining

Borsh Russian Soup

Throughout most of your Volga River cruise, you will be able to enjoy international cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, during a special celebratory evening, the food and atmosphere will adopt a distinctly Russian theme. You can dress in traditional clothing if you wish and look forward to tasting authentic dishes such as chicken Kiev, kulebyaka (pie usually filled with salmon) and Borsch (a sour soup made with beetroot).

Piano Performances

Piano Concert

If you mention Russia and piano in the same sentence, names such as Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov immediately come to mind. In fact, many of the classical greats can trace their roots back to Russia and so this is the perfect place to appreciate a virtuoso piano recital. Volga Dream’s own concert pianist will delight you with a magical twinkling of the ivories amongst surroundings that have inspired so many greats in the world of music.

If you would like to plan a Russian river cruise of your own, and experience all of these fantastic activities, we can help you find your ideal itinerary. Call us on 0808 271 7467 to discuss journeys between Moscow and St Petersburg, as well as trips along the lower Volga towards Astrakhan.

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