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5 Cities Where Two Or More Rivers Meet

Many of the world’s cities are built on large bodies of water, allowing them to take advantage of important trade routes and giving them a vital source of food and drink. However, some towns and cities have been built where two or more rivers meet, something known as a confluence.

The joining of the two bodies of water creates a beautiful natural feature and often becomes an attraction in its own right. In some cases, you can physically see where the water from each source comes together. Here are five cities that feature confluences and that can be visited on a river cruise.


Deutsches Eck

This German city is a common starting point for Rhine river cruises, but the Mosel River also flows through here. The point at which the two meet is known as Deutsches Eck (German Corner) and is a popular photo spot and tourist attraction in the city. Koblenz is also thought to have got its name from the fact that the two rivers meet here. Originally called ‘Castellum apud Confluentes’ (Meaning fort at the Confluence), it has developed into Koblenz over the years. A statue of Wilhelm I can be seen here. This position was chosen as the rivers are a metaphor for the way he unified a divided Germany in 1871.


Belgrade Confluence

The Serbian capital can be visited on a lower Danube cruise but is also the place where the Sava River joins the fold. The historic Belgrade Fortress stands high above the confluence, offering fantastic views of the water meeting and the rest of the city. The park around the fortress is free to visit, although some attractions do have admission charges.


Passau Confluence

Not to be outdone by other places that feature the confluence of two rivers, Passau boasts a joining of three. The place where the Danube, Ilz and Inn rivers come together is known as the ‘City of Three Rivers’ and also draws comparisons to Venice. The best place to see the confluence is from the scenic viewpoint at ‘Dreiflüsseeck’ (Three Rivers Corner). As you look out, you can clearly see the black water of the Ilz mixing with the blue of the Danube and then combining with the greener water of the Inn. Ships on Danube River cruises dock right by here, so this may be your first experience of Passau.


Lyon Confluence

The city of Lyon is famed for being the gastronomic capital of France and is the starting point for many Rhone river cruises. However, some itineraries sail further north to enjoy the towns along the Saone River too. Lyon is the place to be to see both rivers at once, as the confluence is situated in the south of the city. The ‘Musée des Confluences’ is a popular attraction nearby and takes you on a journey through the natural history of the area. The museum’s garden provides great views of the waters meeting.


Manaus Confluence

Manaus is generally the starting and finishing point for river cruises along the Brazilian Amazon. As well as the fascinating wildlife on display and remote communities you will visit, one of the highlights is the ‘Encontra das Aguas’ or Meeting of the Waters. This intriguing spot is where the dark water of the Rio Negro comes into contact with the lighter Amazon River but almost refuses to mix. You can see the two bodies of water flowing side by side – something which continues for almost four miles upstream.

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