4 Things Attracting Millennials To River Cruising

So what is it about this style of holiday that is appealing to the younger generations?

A recent survey by the American Automobile Association (AAA) has discovered that there could soon be a boom in millennials choosing to take river cruises. Whilst only 11% of people asked said they had already sailed waterways in America or internationally, 45% stated that they were considering doing so in the future.

Authentic Experiences

Holi Festival

With a growing trend of travellers hoping to search out local and authentic experiences in the destinations they visit, the shore excursions offered on river cruises seem to be appealing more and more. With the chance to join families for meals in their own home, visit local businesses for an inside look at how the industry works and sample some of the regional delicacies produced in each town, these activities help millennials scratch an immersive itch when sailing the rivers. The smaller groups on a river cruise tour allow for more of these excellent opportunities.

Seeing More Than One Destination

Bridge Over River Rhine

European river cruises, as well as those in Asia and America, give travellers the opportunity to visit many different destinations on one trip, sometimes stopping in more than one port in a day. This not only means you can tick more places off the travel list but that you can also visit unique, Instagram-able places that your peers haven’t. There’s also the fact that you can tailor your itinerary to your own preferences. Want to explore Linz rather than hop on a bus and travel to Salzburg? You have that option. Don’t fancy seeing the sights during a certain stop? Stay on the ship, there’s another destination just around the corner.

Maximised Time In Each Port

Avalon Creativity

Millennials love to make the most of their time, something that the internet age has certainly encouraged, and so the fact that you can glide right into the centre of town on a river cruise is definitely appealing. This eliminates travel time to and from the port and means that millennials can maximise their time exploring their surroundings. With the rapid changes this generation has seen in their lifetime, the expectation is that things should be instantly accessible and that is definitely the case with destinations on a river cruise.

A Focus On Wellness

Cycling By The River

Wearable technology, in particular fitness trackers, has created a generation that is more health conscious than any other before it. The need to record how many steps have been done in a day and maintain a healthy diet is now commonplace and river cruise operators are beginning to tap into this more and more. A new wave of active shore excursions is being offered through partnerships with companies such as Disney and Backroads Tours, meaning that millennials now have the option to hike, bike and even kayak around each port. These activities are perfectly combined with healthier meals choices on board.

If you are a millennial looking to take a river cruise for the first time, we have a wide range of itineraries for you to choose from. Contact us today and we’ll find your perfect holiday.

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