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3 Things To Do In The Port Of…Belgrade

The mighty Danube flows through ten different European countries and so there is a wide range of destinations that can be visited along its banks. Travelling from Germany to the Black Sea, it can take you all the way to Romania and Bulgaria via imperial capital cities like Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava.

Another example is Belgrade, the capital of Serbia and an interesting stop on any Danube river cruise. Here are a few things you can do with your free time here.

Belgrade Fortress

Belgrade Fortress

The most popular and dramatic part of the city is within the historic fortress. This structure played a key role in both the Roman and Byzantine empires and is the oldest part of Belgrade. It’s completely free to wander around the walls, admiring the gates and towers, and the beautiful views of where the Sava River meets the Danube are well worth the trek to the highest points. The fortress is situated within the Kalemegdan Park, which is also home to many historic monuments (including ‘The Victor’) and the zoo.

See The City Centre Sights

Republic Square Belgrade

From Kalemegdan you can hop on the number two tram and travel into the city centre. One of the best places to see locals and tourists mingling is Republic Square, where various bars, restaurants and cafes help to create buzz. There’s also the impending statue of Prince Mihailo riding his horse at the centre of this lively meeting point. Elsewhere in this part of town are some the largest markets in the city. Zeleni Venac and Skadarlija market both feature a range of fresh fruit and veg which create vibrant colours on all of the stalls.

Sample The Sava

Ada Ciganlija Belgrade

Although you will arrive in Belgrade as part of a Danube River cruise, there is another river in town. The Sava meets the Danube in Belgrade and is the setting for some of its most popular sights. A range of floating bars can be seen on the water and are becoming more and more popular with the locals. These rafts are called Splavs (or Splavovi) and are home to restaurants, nightclubs and even accommodation, making the river a vibrant part of Belgrade nightlife. The Sava also features a river island called Ada Ciganlija and the Sava Lake, two areas which become a hive of activity in the summer. As well as offering beautiful riverside views, there is a range of outdoor sports you can try.

Belgrade features on many of our lower Danube itineraries and is an intriguing city to explore. For more information about cruises on this popular river, contact us today.

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