3 River Cruises With An Ocean Twist

Usually, when you choose to sail off into the sun on a water-based holiday, you have the option of either an ocean or a river cruise. However, sometimes there is the chance to combine the two in various different ways. All of these examples feature river cruises that have been given an ocean-going twist that possibly offers the best of both worlds to guests.

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines


If you are worried that you will find a river cruise too cramped or that you would get bored with the minimalistic facilities on offer, then a river cruise from Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines may be a great option. The operator’s small ships are used to visiting the ports which larger vessels cannot reach, but this also means that they can traverse some of Europe’s major rivers too.

Sailing on board the ocean going ship Braemar, you can experience both ocean and river ports in one trip. The French River Cruise starts in Southampton and visits the coastal ports of Lorient, Montoir-Sur-Bretagne and La Rochelle. However, you will also head inland, down the Seine, Gironde and Garonne rivers, to stop at the ports of Rouen and Bordeaux. This will give guests the chance to enjoy Braemar’s facilities but also visit those hard to reach ports that are usually only reached by river ships.

Swan Hellenic


Discovery ocean cruise operator Swan Hellenic have teamed up with river cruising company A-ROSA to provide European river cruises with their own stamp on them. Swan Hellenic prides themselves on offering immersive trips that help travellers learn all about the destinations they visit. So by using A-ROSA Donna and A-ROSA Bella, the two river ships owned by the German operator, they can extend this offering inland.

The two itineraries that are currently offered take place on the Danube and Rhone Rivers. They visit places such as Lyon, Macon, Vienna and Budapest and allow anyone who loves Swan Hellenic’s style of cruising to continue their discoveries on Europe’s beautiful waterways. All of the shore excursions throughout the trips are led by a Swan Hellenic excursions manager, cruise director or guest speaker, so they continue to feature the trademark engagement that customers are familiar with.

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Infinity

Celebrity Cruises have recently started offering a number of Vacation Packages that provide the ultimate mix of river and ocean cruising. If you are looking for the best of both worlds then opting for one of these sailings will mean you no longer have to choose between the two. By partnering with river cruise operator Amras Cruises, they have announced a range of holidays that start off as river cruises and end with you sailing the seas.

There are a few different options, including a trip along the Rhine that is followed by a transatlantic cruise to the Caribbean and a Seine river cruise which turns into a 12-night exploration of the Mediterranean. There’s even the chance to embark on the ultimate adventure which combines a 4-night River Amazon cruise with a journey into Antarctica.

All of these holiday options include a dash of river cruising and a drop of ocean cruising in order to create unique experiences. For more information about any of the itineraries above, please contact our team today calling or submitting an online enquiry.

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