3 Avalon Enhancements For 2017

River cruises are changing for the better. More and more operators are becoming aware of the fact that those who enjoy European river cruises want more than just your standard walking tour when they arrive in a new destination. There’s a need for more variety in the type of excursions available, as well as an increase in the active and immersive opportunities on offer. Avalon is just one of the cruise lines to enhance their sailings in 2017. Here’s what they’ve added.

Healthier Food Options

Beef With Dumplings

Because of the limited dining venues offered on a river cruise ship, it can be hard to stay healthy whilst also enjoying a variety of different choices at mealtimes. However, this is something that Avalon hopes to change with a new range of dishes from Austrian duo Karl and Leo Wrenkh, who are part of a family-run restaurant in Vienna. The brothers will be delighting guests with their range of vegetarian and healthy meat dishes than aim to prove food that is good for you doesn’t have to be boring.

Expect plates such as ‘Grilled loach fillet on green asparagus, tomato ragout and steamed rice’ to delight your palate in the evenings. There will also be more of a focus on local cuisine as chefs come aboard to cook food traditionally found within the region you are sailing.

Active Activities

Hiking In The Wachau Valley

As the type of person choosing a river cruise gets more diverse, so do the shore excursions that are available in each port. From next year, Avalon will offer three different types of activity in every destination, giving adventurous guests the choice between ‘classic’, ‘engaged’ and ‘active’ pursuits. The first category will be where you will find your walking tours, whilst the second will provide an opportunity to get to know the locals and experience the culture in a bit more depth.

Finally, the ‘active’ excursions will include a range of sports and leisure activities aimed at getting the pulse racing and allowing guests to explore further afield. After a successful trial period, Avalon will also be making a fleet of bikes available to borrow on every ship.

Glass Half Full

Avalon Suite 

Whilst food and shore excursions are important considerations, arguably one of the biggest reasons people choose a river cruise is to see the spectacular scenery provided by the destinations along the way. Therefore, Avalon Waterways are giving guests a better view of these, no matter where they are on the ship.

The newest vessels will feature more glass than ever before so that whether you are in the gym, in your stateroom or walking the corridors, you’ll never miss a second of your spectacular surroundings. And with the operator’s innovative stateroom design that ensures the beds face the windows, you can even watch these landscapes as you drift off to sleep.

To book your 2017 Avalon river cruise with us and take advantage of these wonderful enhancements, call our friendly team today to see the itineraries we have available.

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